[TUT]Easly bypass anywindows login panel in 2 min

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[TUT]Easly bypass anywindows login panel in 2 min

Post by Mrblackangel on Tue May 01, 2012 11:25 pm

I don't know if this post is
already on this forum or not...
Basically we are going to bypass
all the windows login panel in jst
2-3 minutes... Whether is windows 7/vista/xp or anything....
Basically a key i.e. Shift key
always work whether we are in
windows desktop or at login
its a method to setup a backdoor in windows....
When we strike shift key many
times then a popup comes for
key filteration...
But from where it
comes..:: ?? ?? ?? It comes from a file sethc i.e. in
c:/windows/system32 directory...
so what we are going to do is..
1st:- Make a live bootable
pendrive or C drive of
backtrack... 2nd:- Now go to filesystem and
find your c drive...
3rd:- Now explore to windows/
4rt:- Now delete the sethc file
from here. 5th:- There is an another file
named cmd. Now copy that cmd
file to desktop and rename is to
"sethc" without qotes.
now again copy this new sethc
file to system32 and restart you pc normally with windows....
6th:- Now when login screen
prompt username or password
then press shift key 6-7 times....
and voila....we got a command
prompt here without login.. now you can do what you want..
Basically when we enter shift
key after this process then is
calls the sethc file from
system32 and we have replaces
the original sethc file with our cmd file..this is the funda....
booting from pendrive will take 1
minute , renaming the cmd to
sethc will take 1 minute and you
have bypassed the windows login
panel in 2 minutes..
Credit to original author

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