Oplogo 3.0 (Replace Operator Logo with CustomText) – S60v2 (Pyhton)

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Oplogo 3.0 (Replace Operator Logo with CustomText) – S60v2 (Pyhton)

Post by Mrblackangel on Mon Apr 30, 2012 3:06 pm

Oplogo 3.0 * New —special effects
* N70 ‘under line bug fixed’
* easy to use GUI
* Replace operator’s name with
custom text
* Use any text as operator logo * Different fonts available
* Position and colour of text can
be changed Notes: pyton for s60
tested on 6600 Making Theme
matching logo open OPLOGO>options>logo from
background>select your
theme>options>generate logo
logo from other themes:
open OPLOGO>options>logo from
theme>select any theme>options>generate logo To
create effects by your self add
images to [e:\system \apps
Effect Image should be larger
than 97×25(use smaller images for faster processing)
Some effects like FIRE,BRICK are
provided with this application Attached Files
download link

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